Kirkby Lonsdale cricket club

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Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club

Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club in Cumbria is your typical local cricket club.

Teams are split up via age groups and the sexes although there aren't many ladies cricket teams.

Typical ages groups are:

  • Under 11
  • Under 13
  • Under 15
  • Under 18
  • Senior
  • Veterans

Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club will have it's own professional cricket club like most clubs, this is a way they can make a living after their professional playing days are over which might be due to age or injury.

Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club has excellent facilities for changing, with a good club house.

The club house can make extra money by providing special functions and room hire - these might be for parties, business conventions or for meetings such as weight watchers, Zumba dance clubs etc. This is a great way for the club to bring n more revenue as clearly cricket is highly dependent on the cricket season and the weather, therefore it is imperative to use the resources of the club to their fullest in bad weather and the off season. Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club will generally fill the calendar with special events such as summer BBQ, Bonfire Night, Easter Egg hunt and Christmas Meal.

Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club also has it's own bar where members can drink in a more enjoyable location with the regular members of the club.

Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club should be registered with the ECB's Play-Cricket online network. Play-Cricket provides Kirkby Lonsdale Cricket Club and Kirkby Lonsdale cricket leagues with purpose built cricket software which publishes a website to help manage your Kirkby Lonsdale club or Kirkby Lonsdale league on-line. The system is free to all ECB affiliated clubs and leagues and it is easy to use!