Bridport Fitness Club

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Bridport Fitness Club

Bridport fitness club in Dorset will serve a diverse client base, ranging from weight loss / weight management to post rehabilitation (after physical therapy). Fitness clubs also cater to individuals, from weekend athletes who are serious about sports conditioning to those who just want to look like athletes while, at the same time, enhancing their health.

All workouts are prescribed to accommodate the users fitness level and special interests.

Bridport Fitness Club encourage the user to shape new behaviors by setting goals, making a plan, and recording your progress. Training will start with a fitness evaluation and setting of goals, and your program will be tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Your exercise program will be redefined as you advance through the levels.

Your awareness of this larger progressive context will help you adhere to your exercise program. Clients, who follow scientifically structured, organized, and diversified exercise programs see improvements in a shorter period of time. Bridport Fitness Club believes in a functional fitness approach training, that is safe and effective, yet progressive and result-specific.

Bridport Fitness Club will be located in the town centre that will open to serve the area. We have fully trained personal trainers that each have a minimum of 2 years experience in the field.

The objectives of the fitness club are to:

  • To continuously develop, strengthen, and improve personal training services offered by the club.
  • Increase referrals from the club's other specialists.
  • Build referral into repeat clients.

The mission of Bridport fitness club is dedicated to providing a comprehensive exercise program that motivates people of all ages and all athletic abilities. Because we view each client as a unique individual, we create an innovative personal program for every person we train.

Through ongoing study, we keep ourselves on the cutting edge of fitness philosophies and technologies and pass along information to our clients that will enhance and facilitate their workouts, maximize results, and promote better health.

Bridport fitness club will do everything possible to help each client achieve his or her personal health/fitness, post-rehabilitation, and/or athletic-performance goals though the utilization and application of systematic scientific principles.